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Covid-19 security update

The Accademia Isola Classica team is ready to offer the participants maximum security throughout their stay at Isola Maggiore. We are constantly in contact with the local authorities and will always put everyone's safety first before anything else. For this reason we have gathered some information that can help you understand better the details of your stay in Italy:

- The current population on the island is 12. This allows all participants to benefit from large outdoor spaces and no crowds.
- Apartments will be cleaned and disinfected prior to the arrival.
- Should it be required, students will not be sharing apartments and will have their own privacy.
- Restaurants serving food to the participants will have all the necessary resources to do so in security measures dictated by Italian law.
- Meals will be served outside or in big spaces permitting the required social distance.
- Lessons, rehearsals and concerts will all be held in large spaces such as churches or halls. A minimum of 1 m distance between each participant will be possible.
- Should it be necessary, concert performances will take place with less or no public at all.
- Video streaming for an eventual outdoor public or outdoor performances are possible, all following protocols dictated by the Italian government.

We are here to help each one of you so that you will benefit from a rich and risk free experience together!

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any information you may need at